We are facing a Climate Crisis and we need to rapidly reduce the amount of air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions being produced by Industrial processes, Transportation and the Energy sector.

Hydrogen has been widely recognized as critical to decarbonizing heavy-industry and transport sectors.

However, the hydrogen market is divided between production methods that either incur a high economic or environmental cost.

The UHTP Watersplitting technology is the result of a lifelong search for a solution.

After almost 20 years of R&D under the radar (a.o. collaborating with NASA, the Fraunhofer Institut IKTS, the University of Geneva and CEA) and millions of euros invested, the technology has been extensively tested and validated, and is ready for commercial deployment at scale.

UHTP NL was founded to commercialize the technology and deploy the production of extremely high-purity green hydrogen and oxygen at scale and at groundbreakingly low cost.

A team of experienced industry experts leads the innovative sustainable technology company, pioneering  the decarbonization of Heavy Industry and Mobility sectors and shaping the future of the Energy sector.