UHTP WaterSplitting
The future of Hydrogen production

Our disruptive technology splits water into
both hydrogen and oxygen at high purity in an efficient, cheap and safe way

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UHTP NL aims to accelerate the sustainable transition of industry and related processes.

We do this by providing the hydrogen and oxygen that enables companies to radically transform their industrial processes.

UHTP WaterSplitting

A revolutionary heat-based technology that leverages proprietary ceramics to produce both Hydrogen and Oxygen at >99.9% purity.

By using heat to split water instead of an electrical current  our technology is:

Our process optimizes the energy balance of the splitting of water by re-using heat which would otherwise be wasted. By doing this we are at least 20% more energy efficient compared to electrolysis.

Our technology has been innovatively designed with low-cost materials and our system requires lower energy input compared to other hydrogen production methods, and includes the production of high-value oxygen at no additional cost.


Our high-temperature process is extremely safe as hydrogen and oxygen are extracted separately at different temperatures, ensuring that both gasses are of high purity and value, whilst preventing the forming of explosive mixes.

See how it works